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Tuesday, March 14

Climate Change

Just watched Meltdown on BBC2, an hour long tv programme on the subject of climate change which asked whether the changes in climate are merely natural cycles that have occured throughout the ages, or if they're affected by the increase in greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution.
A well made show that threw light onto some interesting history of climate change, such as the Little Ice Age, the money shot of the programme was the experiment that anyone with a PC could participate in which you can Download Here
Basically this is the climate change modelling equivalent of the SETI program that has been available for a couple of years, whereby the power of thousands of internet-connected home computers is used to number crunch the data gathered by radio telescopes, rather than relying on one or two 'super computers' to do the job.
Instead of searching for extre-terrestrial life, the Climate Change program runs through an individual prediction model of climate change Once all the hundreds of thousands of individual models are complete, those running the experiment will have a far more accurate picture of possible changes. Well, according to them anyway.
We've already been running this program in the background of our PC for a few weeks now and we'd recommend anyone else to do the same. Taking part in a mega experiment without doing more than a simple download can't hurt can it..

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