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Monday, July 31

See how the garden grows...

....and see how good those potato's look on the plate

Saturday, July 29

Holiday tickets

Today thedacs are off to collect the tickets for their holiday.

We have to travel to Bicester, since that's where the travel agent we booked the holiday is based in, so we'll have a little wander around and pick up any extra bits we need for our hols. But once we get those tickets in our hands, the countdown to the holiday will really begin.

We booked it last Novemeber (We were away for C's Birthday which explains why we booked in Bicester) and only popped into the travel agent for a brochure. Last summer had been absolutely dismal, the two weeks we had off together were spent feeling utterly depressed at the summer of rain we got and we vowed there and then that we were going abroad next year.

Two weeks, all-inclusive in Lanzarote is the prize dangling in front of us. A prize thedacs are racing towards with every passing day and soon, we'll have those flight tickets and the rest in our eager little hands.

We fly out wo weeks on Thursday! Yaaaaaaaay!

Wednesday, July 19


The hottest day ever recorded in July was 36 C in 1911.

The hottest ever day recorded in Britain was in 2003 at a sweltering 38.5 C.

This is the temperature as recorded in thedacs garden.

Hot Hot Hot

It IS hotter today - 32 C in the shade - and I took an executive decision today to throw a sickie.

Not because I had any plans to frolick in the blistering heat (I've spent all my time indoors wearing nowt but pants) but because I felt crappy. Primarily because I don't particuarly like my job and I always wake up feeling pretty down (Although that has more to do with C having left the house before I wake up and the subsequent depression) but isn't it amazing how much better you feel after you've phoned work?

Not that i've done much with the day, I never do and despise myself for being lazy, unimaginative and lacking motivation. Still, it's too hot to do much anyway.

Back to work tomorrow, back on the bicycle in the stifling heat and back to another day doing a job i'm not particuarly good at.

At least I found the energy to have a shower, hair wash and pube shave earlier.

Tuesday, July 18


30 C in the shade and thedacs are sweating buckets.

It's gonna be hotter tomorrow...

Monday, July 17

Israel and Lebanon

Suppose I do give more of a fuck about this little incident, not only because the conflict may escalate, but because when I was 18 I spent many great months living and working as a volunteer on Kibbutz Baram which lies a few hundred yards from the border between Israel and Labanon.

I can remember an occasion when we were informed that some terrorists had crossed the border and we had to make our way to the shelters for our own safety. I don't remember being particuarly concerned, probably because I was only 18 and didn't really understand the consequences, but I do remember the almost casual words of our Kibbutznik leader who calmly told us not to worry as 'We'll kill them'. Since he, along with many other Kibbutzniks, was skillfully hefting an M-16 I couldn't really argue.

It seems that a barrage of Katyusha rockets were fired near the Kibbutz just a few days ago but thankfully no one was hurt.

I wish them all the best during this time.

Thursday, July 13

Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine are at it again.

I really couldn't a fuck personally and would wager that most people don't either, yet it continually dominates our news. Weird huh?

Zidane, the truth and the shamed faces

Zinedine Zidane appeared on French TV last night to explain why he nutted Marco Materazzi in the final minutes of the World Cup final on Sunday.
According to the great player himself, there were no 'terrorist' slurs or racist abuse as many have claimed, but rather an insult to the women in his family.
Whether he still believes that was cause enough to get himself sent off and rob his team-mates of the opportunity to lift the World Cup only he will know, but the shamed faces should belong to all those who have shrilly claimed he must have assaulted Materazzi due to racist abuse, and there have been plenty who have desperately wanted that to be the case.
This thread on Comment Is Free (One of only a good half dozen on the subject, all condoning Zidane's actions in one way or another but mostly assuming racism was the cause) is a prime example of how hysterical, apologetic and downright fuckwitted some people are.

Tuesday, July 11

Syd Barret dead..

...good, 'cos Pink floyd are fucking shit!

Monday, July 10

Zidane fucked it

Zinedine Zidane, having pulled the French team through the knockout stages with his resurgent form on the pitch, stood on the edge of legendary greatness last night after giving France the lead in the World Cup final and almost scoring what may have been the winning goal in extra time.

But then with just ten minutes left of extra-time, the great man well and truely fucked it.

His headbutt to the chest of Marco Matterazi, whatever the spoken provocation, not only robbed the French of a golden opportunity to win their second World Cup in 8 years, but was probably one of the dumbest acts seen on a football pitch. Certainly one of the stupidest seen in a World Cup and definitely the most fuckwitted ever seen in a World Cup final.

France had the upper hand at the time, they had been dominant in the first half of extra-time (Making a mockery of Italian hopes that the ageing French would tire during the additional30 minutes) and looked the team most likely to score.

As it happened, Zidane took the long, lonely walk from the field of play, Italy held on for penalties and France let the World Cup slip through their fingers.

Congratulations to the Italians though. Throughout the tournament they've displayed the typical defensive brilliance that we all expect and actually been quite exciting when going forward. Ok, so they reverted to type a bit from the second half onwards and shut up shop, but in the first half they went out to win it and could have had a handsome lead sve for the woodwork and a disallowed goal.

On the night the French deserved it, but over the tournament Italy were deserving winners. It could have been different but we'll never know thanks to Zidane completely losing his head (In Matterazi's chest..)

Sunday, July 9

World Cup final tonight

It's finally arrived after a long month of almost non-stop football. The Jules Rimet trophy will have another nation engraved onto the gold after Italy and France battle it out in the final of the World Cup tonight.

France, winners in 1998, with the incomparable Zinedine Zidane playing his last ever professional football match have a sense of destiny around them. A final hurrah by Zidane, and a few other great players from that victory last century, would be the victory for the romantic neutral. After an awful World Cup last time around, an unforgettable Euro2004 and a fairly dismal start to the present tournament, this French side of youngsters and creaking veterans have rediscovered the sparkle and authority they last showed in Euro2000 and are on course to grasp a magical farewell for their greatest player.

The Italians however, already rocking with the corruption scandal erupting back home before former-player Pessotto's life-threatening incident, feel they too have destiny on their side. The unmatchable Cannavaro will win his 100th cap tonight and hope to crown it by lifting the trophy itself, while the entire nation believe the parralels between now and 1982, the last time the Azzuri lifted the World Cup, are too similar to be ignored. Revenge for their defeat in the final of Euro2000 at the hands of the French is also a driving factor for the Italians.

Either way, the manner in which these two teams have approached this World Cup so far (Neither side needing penalties to win through and plenty of goals scored) leads us to hope that a classic final may be in store. The stories and narratives are in place, all we need now is the football...

Wednesday, July 5

Another reason to fight against ID cards

The Government are desperately attempting to cover up the costs of the ID card scheme from those who will be forced to carry them.

Monday, July 3


Doodles that may one day evolve into a cartoon...

Sunday, July 2

The less said...

...about England the better.

Maybe tomorrow i'll have collected my thoughts on the match, maybe not but who really cares anyway? England fell at the same hurdle again and we were all kidding ourselves that the team would be able to overcome the limitations of Sven. They couldn't and England are flying home.

Our weekend