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Monday, October 30

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yesterday was a momentus day

D - For I had all my hair chopped off.

I'll post a pic of the glorious locks as they sit forlornly on the floor after tumbling from my head later when I get home, 'cos I know you're gagging to see them.

C lopped off the ponytail with a pair of scissors, before A got her hands on them and had a go at hacking away. Finally wresting control from the ladies, I got the trusty clippers out (Oh and it's been such a long, long time since I last used them - in fact I don't think i've ever used them all the time i've known C since we first met a couple of weeks after I decided to grow it) and revelled in the buzzing sound before running them across my mess of hair.

It's such a delight to be rid of long hair. Hair that was dry no matter what we did, hair that was frizzy despite all the products put on it, hair that was always tied back and only got to be worn down (And look good at the same time) about once a week. I grew to loathe my long hair, feeling it sucked my confidence as it was never able to be kept under control, with curls sprouting everywhere, a ponytail that was like a big bushy tail and the depressing battle every morning to do something, anything, to it and make it look half decent.

But now it's gone! I've got my skinnyhead back! Grade 3 in case you were wondering and I feeling fucking great!

Thursday, October 26



Lots of talk lately, as there always is at this time of year, of banning the sale of fireworks.

In the run-up to Bonfire Night on 5th November, the skies & streets of Britain are regularly lit up with the colourful explosions of fireworks, either from the multitude of organised events & displays that are concentrated around the 5th or by the vast army of individuals, teenagers & piss-heads letting them off wherever.

The run-up to the 5th seems to get longer each year (And the wind-down after the 5th also seems extended) which means fireworks being let off in the streets or residential areas can go on for a month. Obviously if you don't like fireworks, have pets (Which get seriously spooked by the explosions & high-pitched noises), get scared yourself or just get tired of the month-long siege then you're more likely to agree with the calls for a banning of fireworks.

Personally, i'm intending to have my first ever firework display from the back garden next Friday (3rd) as it's C's Birthday and we're having a party. I'll be popping along to Tesco to pick up some of their BOGOF fireworks in the next few days -

Evolution Selection Pack inc 8 rockets, 3 cakes, 2 roman candles, 8 fountains, 1 mine and 1 wheel.

High Society Rocket Pack inc 5 rockets

Gold Sparklers!

So i'm looking at 26 rockets to blast into the atmosphere and plenty of ground-level garden pyrotechnics. I'm looking forward to the mine as I think that's the firework that makes the satisfying 'Faduuum' noise as it shoots from its mortar and that sound makes me wet baby!

But that little lot isn't too shabby for roughly £28 (Although lots of things for C's Birthday are beginning to add up to a sizeable amount - fuck it! It's her 30th so i'll spunk the cash since I have it and I love her).

So this year I don't particuarly want fireworks to be banned. I want to be left alone by the moaners and interferrers to just get along as a responsible adult (Ha!) without having to trot along to an organised event every time I want to do something fun.

Tuesday, October 24


61% of voters say they want British troops to leave Iraq this year, even if they have not completed their mission and Washington wants them to stay, according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today.

Fucking right! They'll achieve jack shit there except getting themselves killed and fruitlessly saving face for Tony Blair and his sycophantic, spineless Cabinet.

Monday, October 23

British kids are thick

British pupils 'cannot locate UK'

One in 10 children could not name a single continentOne in five British children cannot find the UK on a map of the world, a magazine's research suggests.
National Geographic Kids said it also found fewer than two thirds of children were able to correctly locate the US.
The magazine, which questioned more than 1,000 six to 14-year-olds, said it found several London children did not know they lived in England's capital. BBC News

Two things that immediately leapt out me when reading this news...

1) So much for Tony Blair and New Labour's mantra of the 90's 'Education! Education! Education!'

2) Didn't we all used to laugh disdainfully at Americans for being unable to locate anywhere on a map?

And also for being obese?

And for having a compensation culture?

Oh dear...

Thursday, October 5

Cruddy ad

Saw the tv ad for the Wild Bean Cafe and it's crap.

A man pulls up in his car with his date and she nervously asks him if he would like to come in for a coffee. With a look the man says no, leaving the woman on the pavement confused. Then we the man getting his coffee from BP Connect Wild Bean Cafe.

Now, what makes this ad totally shite is the fact that the woman is bloody gorgeous and that coffee from a petrol station is fucking awful.

I'm sure some spotty advertising type thinks that's exactly what makes the ad work in a post-modern, ironic way but it doesn't. It makes me want to root a sexy woman. No way on earth would I want a coffee from a petrol station.

I can believe that BP are pumping millions into sustainable fuels and renewable technolgies yet no one in their right mind could believe that their pissy coffee is preferable to a shag.

Muslim PC moved from Israeli Embassy duty

There seems to be lots of ire floating around at the Muslim Police Officer who was moved from guard duty outside the Israeli Embassy.

It occurs to me that this anger, disgust and blame should be pointed at the Metroplitan Police themselves rather than the officer. The obvious argument to that course of action is to believe that a discrimination law suit would ensue from the officer (Or others) and that PC, of the political correctness kind, would go mad and that the Met took the easy option like other public bodies to keep any negativity quiet.

Yet it seems by allowing this officer to be reassigned the Met have created more negative publicity than if they had stood their ground and taken the chance of legal action. They certainly haven't kept it quiet.

This officer, like any public servant, is entitled to make a request to be reallocated duties if he is uncomfortable with them. It's his seniors who have the duty to ensure that if that request is not viable, for whatever reason, it is denied. If that denial of a request is made on a sound footing, with contractual backing, then any law suit would have a hard time winning.

Perhaps it's best to wait for the outcome of this enquiry to know the full reasoning behind his request, but if anyone is angry about his reallocation, the subtext for the Police and the precedent it sets, they should focus their blame on senior officers who permitted it to happen.

Wednesday, October 4

Alone in the office

Wednesdays and Fridays, the days when i'm all alone in the office purportedly working.

What to do with the time when you need entertaining and the work load isn't heavy?

Install a game on my PC?
Write a novel?
Cruise sex sites?
Frequent a million messageboards?
Take huge lunch breaks up the City?

I'm at a bit of a loss I must admit..