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Wednesday, March 8

Dumping at work

Took a dump at work earlier for the first time in ages. That's having a dump at work...not 'i've been without a turd for three months'.
Some fat fucker had cracked the toilet seat with his fat crack and it felt like I was almost sitting in the water it was so low. At least that minimised my 'plop'. Nothing worse than letting someone in another cubicle hear your plop, your spattering, your ear-splitting depth charge of a turd or even your moaning and wincing as you release a rock back into the wild.
Such concerns obviously didn't stop the bloke in the far cubicle.


Carol ^o^ Yuan said...
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Carol ^o^ Yuan said...

haha, interesting,, i hate the feeling taking a dump in public too thats why i always go to the disable toilet coz its big and more private. cracked seat is not so bad i onece had a toilet had absolutely no seat on it and i had to sqaud on the toliet -.-! poor me i was wearing heals that day...
( btw, you r the first visitor of my blog and thanks a lot for the comments)