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Tuesday, March 28

Financial crisis of the 18-40s

According to a study reported in todays Guardian, large percentages of 18-40 year olds are unable to cope with debts and soaring house prices, with alarmingly low levels of savings and little hope of building a decent pension.
Sounds about right.
Thedacs still have a small amount of debt to service, no foot on the property ladder (Housing Association home for us), little savings and only half a pension, but we don't feel particuarly downtrodden financially.
That may have something to do with the fact that we've taken control of our finances rather than letting them whisk us away on an ever present tide of consumerism.
We don't spunk our money on booze, fags, gear, clothes, gadgets all the time (Although we still indulge our vices often enough of course) or put many things on our credit cards.
We're saving to pay off the summer holiday we bought in November (All inclusive, Lanzarote, can't wait) and budgetted accordingly so that's no problem. After May, the amount put aside each month for that will just stack up in the ISA and be put toward a new car (Essential for C now that she has to travel further to earn the mega bucks) or that all important foot on the property ladder.
And do you know what, regardless how some will sneer, the most important influence on us in taking control of our finances has been the sort of morning TV shows like Moneyspinners and th like. Not only have we been saving more money (By being more efficient, cutting out the crap, etc) but we've also been making more through other activities.
We wanna be rich and not have to take the sort of shit that useless employers give out or struggle to get by.
Like the profile says, we are thedacs and we're standing up for ourselves.

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