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Thursday, March 9

HBS are shite

Got collared by Manager I a few minutes before I was leaving today. Senior managers have vetoed any compromise on contract but, and this is the best bit, they will 'review' salary once i've 'proved' myself.
Since none of the managers ever make an appearance in our department it's a mystery how they can make such statements, especially as for the last 6 months they've been telling me that they want me in this new position.
Met C and vented minutes later and her view is just go, leave.
Need to assemble all of us who have been offered shit contracts tomorrow and decide how we're gonna approach it. One has already rejected the offer and another is finding out about a new job tomorrow.
Put it this way, if you're thinking of applying for planning permission from Milton Keynes Council in the near future, don't expect that application to be dealt with since there will be no-one left working for shitty HBS.

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