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Monday, March 20

More HBS shite

Went to see my GP today to get myself signed off for the remainder of my contract with the chronically inept HBS. No probs with that, but something rather interesting came to light as I was going through some documents while drafting a new CV.
I found my contract with HBS and it stated, as I always thought, that my employment with them ends on the 17th April 2006. A fixed term contract for the period of 12 months, with the company needing to give one months notice of termination.
All pretty standard stuff, but somewhat at odds with the shitty letter I recieved on the 13th March 2006 telling me that my employment would be terminated on 31st March 2006 unless I signed the new contract by 17th March.
Somethings not right there.
Think i'll rather enjoy writing an even more shitty letter to HBS pointing out their mistake.
Might even drop in a reference to considering a case of Constructive Dismissal against the buffoons.

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