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Monday, March 27

Noel Edmonds and the Bafta nomination

D -The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Rather poncey so no wonder it's known by the anacronym BAFTA ) has nominated Noel Edmonds for best Entertainment Performance for his new show Deal or No Deal.
Having had plenty of time off to catch up on afternoon viewing, myself and C have grown to really enjoy the show (As have a fair few million others by all accounts) although our friend P, having recently returned from a stint in Australia where another version of the show has been running, prefers the Australian version partly because Noel Edmonds wasn't presenting it.
Poor old Noel isn't a particuarly popular TV presenter among left-liberal circles, as this column by Armando Iannucci in the last Observer shows (Incidentally, is it just me or is the Observer getting a bit shit recently? The new 'Berliner' tabloid style of presentation is alright, it's just the level of comment in it now. Too smug, self-satisfied and bed wetting for my liking. Might not buy anymore and just fuck the Sunday papers off for good, which would please C no end..)
Mind you, the liberal left don't really like anyone that appeals to and is popular with the Proles, even though they themselves are always professing to have the Proles best interests at heart, be it television, music or whatever.
Just for that I hope Noel wins.

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