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Friday, March 10


D - Tensions brought about by work pressures affecting myself and C reached boiling point last night and this morning. Both of us have been treated appalling by our respective employers and the frustration, anger, hurt and impotence this causes us has led us to temporarily turn on each other.
All those emotions kept in check find a way out, there's no way of stopping them and they usually get unleashed on those you love the most, so we reached a pretty low point before we came to our senses. We're alright now, oh we're so much more than alright now. We're united again, more in love than ever before and ready to carry on the fight with renewed vigour. We'll never be divided 'cos we both know the other is our missing half that we've needed all our lives. That's far more important, of far more value and worth so much more of my soul than the incompotent, self-serving, lack of management shown us by our employers.

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