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Tuesday, April 11


C had to make a trip to Bedford today and so all thedacs went with her to enjoy the delights. It was also something of a reminiscence trip for C and D as a night in Bedford was also the first night that we spent together two years ago (Glamourous locations we frequent eh?) .
Have to say that towns like Bedford are always a bit of a culture shock coming from MK as the High Street is jam packed with traffic ad all the shops look dowdy. Having a one-way system and bugger all parking doesn't help either.
Mind you, the embankment and river are wonderful and especially so at night when all the trees that line the embankment are lit up.
We popped into a cafe for a hot chocolate before we left and that in itself was a big culture shock for A. It didn't look like it had been decorated since the 70s, didn't look like its clientele had changed since the 70s and hadn't changed its smoking policiy since then either. A had her coat pulled up over her mouth and nose to try and escape the smoke wafting sround, but still managed to get her moaning heard through the cloth.

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