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Saturday, April 29

Big Phil fallout

I certainly don't believe that the FA have been clever in any way, even if Big Phil sticking up two fingers to them works to the favour of some of the suits.
It's more likely another very English cock-up by the FA - think how pissed ofed we'd be if another FA was approaching our national manager weeks before the World Cup. Considering how we squealed when a fake Sheikh did it, it really wasn't the smartest or most gentelmanly conduct by the FA (Talking of gentelmanly, isn't this the WC we tried to stitch up the Germans over..) and who can blame the big man from Brazil for being vexed the announcement was all over the press before he'd even said, 'Yes'?

The English press eh? Who, in their right mind, would want to go through the sort of shite they'll chuck at you for being England manager....20 hacks hounding you before you've even taken the job is just the taster and Scolari is right to say,'Fuck off' in the face of that. The Englih press (Yep, even the moral high horses of the broadsheets) are a disgrace to us all when they hold the power over the England manager. Maybe they'll view this as a bit of a wake-up call regarding their behaviour, considering the majority of England fans wanted Big Phil for the job, but let's not be silly eh.

While I wouldn't baulk at O'Neil becoming Englands manager....does he want to? And why do so many (Although not all obviously) who call for him because he's British not realise that doesn't make him English, when they threw their arms up because Sven or Scolari aren't English? Fucking retarded bastards.

It's all academic anyway, whether the manager is English or not.....we just want to fucking win something and whoever gives us, and the best squad we've had for a long, long time, the best chance of that is all that matters.

Ah fuck it! Give the job to Peter Reid. He did pay £7000 for his coaching badges after all and that entitles him to a shot at being England manager apparently.

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