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Thursday, April 27

Big Phil gets support of the English

Football365 (87% Support) and read the mailbox, BBC Sport (64% support), Sky Sports (65% support) and anyone that i've spoken to personally....all are in support of Big Phil becoming England manager after the FIFA World Cup (Kick Off in less than 43 days now!).

Of course the traditional media are on the look out for controversy and a story because the new manager isn't an Englishman.

They're getting plenty of help from former players, managers and others involved in English football of course, not to mention a minority of England supporters.

There have been some real gems of stupidity from those against Scolari's appointment though...

Peter Reid:

"I have done my pro license like Sam Allardyce, Alan Curbishley and Steve McClaren. We paid £7,000 to do them and then when it comes to the top job none of the English lads get it, which I find really disappointing."

Ian Wright:

"I'd rather spend years in obscurity with an English manager than win the World Cup."

Not to mention the numerous half-witted responses from a minority of fans whose only requirement for the job is that the manager is English rather than successful. Don't suppose they'll complain if we win the World Cup this year with Sven in charge. Or complained when the Ashes winning England Cricket team was led by a coach from Zimbabwe .

The fact remains that Big Phil has won the South American equivalent of the Champions League twice, won the World Cup and been runner-up in the European Championship.

The English candidates have won, between them, the Carling Cup. Once.

Possibly the funniest and most retarded of the claims coming from those who want an Englishman is the call for Martin O'Neil as manager. They seem to forget that O'Neil is, as the name might suggest, Irish.

Thedacs fully support Big Phil as England manager and laugh in the face of those whose only criteria for manager of the national team is to be English. Their patriotism is misplaced (Although they'll squeal about being the true patriots) 'cos all that matters is England winning.

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