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Tuesday, April 25

Dahab - I was there

D - Well, I was there about 12 years ago but still, all the memories of the place came flooding back (Not that many admittedly, the copious amounts of weed smoked while there added to the chemical drugs messing up my mind tends to screw an already shite memeory) , the sitting around all day in our favoured restaraunt, smoking fresh-off-the-bush weed, eating pancakes, watching the local guys fishing, avoiding the flea-ridden dog, spotting the Israeli's freely mixing with Egyptions and watching the World Cup.
The dudes at our restaraunt brought the tv set out from the building and over to the flimsy shack where we loafed all day (Dahab then, dunno if it's changed mind, was one dirt track along the Red Sea front, with buidlings like restaraunts and crappy hotels on the desert side, and small shacks covered in cushions squeezed into the space between the road and the sea) and every nationality sat around watching the Romanians tear teams apart with great control at pace and Stoichkov marshalling the Bulgarians to great heights.
Great days, and i'm sure that many other people, Egyptians, Israelis, Westerners and Muslims were enjoying themselves when another terrorist attack tore apart so many lives.
I do hope that none of the guys I shared those times with were hurt.

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