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Thursday, April 20

Grouchy but it's New Labour so i'm right

Don't know whether it's because i've whizzed past 30 and am gestating the grouchiness of middle-aged obscurity, or because i'm right, but I found it extremely difficult not to scream, 'You Cunt! You fucking weasel Cunt!' at Home Secretary Charles Clarke on tonights Question Time.

He was talking shit at the time, I think, on the subject of Tougher curbs on freed criminals and giving it on how he agrees there are problems in all these services such as probation.

The stoopid New Labour twat has had, or his party has had, nine fucking years to sort it out!

How vigilant an observation or how much chin stroking does it take to realise that letting out violent offenders on early release is a really dickwadded practise? Because of this Governments* rank incompetence, innocent people like John Monckton and Mary-Ann Leneghan have had their lives brutally ended, and evil Kevin Hazelwood was allowed to destroy another young life because the Government permit known offenders of the vilest crimes to end their prison sentences early and roam the land.

I know all that sounds a bit Littlejohn, but I don't fucking care. Lives were ended and lives were shattered, and it was preventable. Utterly and easily preventable. This Government has really fucked up yet they've had nine years to identify and prevent this horror from occuring. And for jug-earred fuckhead Charles Clarke to sit there and not fucking prostate himself before us for his total failure led to the embryonic grumpy old man in me to burst forth.

But I know i'm right.

And I know that every single member of The Cabinet has taken on the face of the smug, patronising cunt with no idea how loathed they've deservedly become, that the Tories wore in their dying days.

* and I fucking voted for them twice...

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