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Wednesday, April 19

Jerry Springer The Opera and the Christian Protestors

Jerry Springer The Opera opened at MK Theatre last night and knowing that there would be a protest demonstration by some Christian groups, thedacs and P (Over for a Chinese meal. Which was lush by the way) decided to go for a little drive to check it out.
We got a few pics, but they're not much cop (Talking of Cops, two Policemen were watching the demo from a discreet distance away) and we didn't want to stay long.
We had a little chat with a lady handing out leaflets and told her, diplomatically, that we understood why people can get offended if they believe, to which she reeled off, 'I do believe. I believe in Him and that He will live again. When He is resurrected the makers of this show will go to Hell'.
That was our cue to ghost away and take a few pics, only after taking a leaflet though.
The leaflet was produced by Christian Voice by the way.
The turnout of protestors (An estimate of 200 was given by the Police) was more than i'd expected but less than the Bibical hordes assualting the heathen theatre that i'd been hoping for. Those that were there though were in fine voice it must be said.

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