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Thursday, May 4

Local elections

Today is the day when local elections take place across England and apparently voter turnout is up on previous local elections due to the lovely weather.

I'm scum because I didn't vote. Never got round to registering you see, although I did try, but the online form was just bollocks and kept assuming I was foreign or summat. There was a one sheet printable version (That i've used previously whenever updating the Electoral Register Officer at the Council of a change of address) but er.....I never got round to posting it. Ho hum.

Anyway, it's more important for me to get a job at the mo and funnily enough there is one at the Council I rather like the look of. I took the opportunity offered on the job advert (Waste Statistics Officer) to call the department for an 'informal enquiry' but just got through to an answerphone.

Suppose everyone there was doing their civic duty and manning the polling stations. Council workers eh...any excuse to bunk off.

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