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Wednesday, June 14

Germany vs Poland about to kick off

No, not outside the stadium, although there has been plenty of speculation that the two opposing sets of fans will fight pitched battles against each other. In fact, it wasn't so long ago that hundreds of them did.

But the two football teams are about to play each other in what represents the first big clash between nations with emnity running through them. It won't please the Guardinista's and the likes of Denis McShane who deplore any reference to or recall of the Second World War, but the history between these two neighbours can't be ignored.

It certainly won't be by the Germans or the Polish.

Poland need a result in this match to stay in the World Cup after they lost to Ecuduor in the opening match, and the Germans of course, will be intent on showing they're still the dominant force.

Hopefully it's gonna be an end to end cracker with plenty of action and bitterness...

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