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Thursday, June 15

Oh dear

It's not a disaster of course, but England are looking a bit shit.

Trinidad & Tobago are playing well, but it seems that England aren't exactly pushing them.

Lampard is pretty anonimous, Crouch couldn't hit a barn door, Beckham thinks he's John Elway when he is in fact a right sided midfielder, Owen doesn't look fit, Robinson is so fat he can't leap more than two inches off the ground and Sven is, of course, rather clueless.

John Terry is our saviour at the moment with that goal line clearance.

Everyone is, let's face it, itching for Rooney to come on so that someone can run at the T & T defence, instead of the usual long diagonal balls splayed out from our own half that are gobbled up by defenders.

I do so hope that England can do what they haven't done in the last 7 World Cup games and score in the second half.

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