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Friday, June 30

Why we're glad that Germany won

It was always going to be hard for an Englshman to side with either Germany or Argentina considering the footballing history between those two nations and England, but when it came down to it thedacs had to back the Germans.

Primarily because the World Cup always suffers as a spectacle if the hosts are knocked out too early. Germany's win on penalties was deserved, if only because they showed a tad more attacking spirit during the second half and extra time, while the Argentines were a bit negtive.

Not playing Messi, a player capable of forcing a decisive change in a game due to his willingness to take a player on, was probably a mistake by the Argentine coach (Although it should be noted that Pekerman was forced into using one of is three subs to replace his injured keeper) and cost them dear when Germany equalised and took the initiative.

That's not to take away from the Germans of course, who kept on fighting in front of their home crowd and eventually wrested control of the game from the Argentines. For a team who were written off before the tournament by everyone, including their own fans, they showed that they're more than capable of living up to the great traditions and results of German teams past. Lahm and Ballack in particular has been extemely impressive during the tournament.

As always the Germans were efficeincy personified during the penalty shoot out and, in Jens Lehman, they knew they had a fantastic keeper with a history of penalty saves.

While it was hard luck on Argentina, it was the right result for the World Cup.

Let's hope England will still be in the mix for a possible final with the Germans...

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