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Saturday, July 29

Holiday tickets

Today thedacs are off to collect the tickets for their holiday.

We have to travel to Bicester, since that's where the travel agent we booked the holiday is based in, so we'll have a little wander around and pick up any extra bits we need for our hols. But once we get those tickets in our hands, the countdown to the holiday will really begin.

We booked it last Novemeber (We were away for C's Birthday which explains why we booked in Bicester) and only popped into the travel agent for a brochure. Last summer had been absolutely dismal, the two weeks we had off together were spent feeling utterly depressed at the summer of rain we got and we vowed there and then that we were going abroad next year.

Two weeks, all-inclusive in Lanzarote is the prize dangling in front of us. A prize thedacs are racing towards with every passing day and soon, we'll have those flight tickets and the rest in our eager little hands.

We fly out wo weeks on Thursday! Yaaaaaaaay!

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