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Wednesday, July 19

Hot Hot Hot

It IS hotter today - 32 C in the shade - and I took an executive decision today to throw a sickie.

Not because I had any plans to frolick in the blistering heat (I've spent all my time indoors wearing nowt but pants) but because I felt crappy. Primarily because I don't particuarly like my job and I always wake up feeling pretty down (Although that has more to do with C having left the house before I wake up and the subsequent depression) but isn't it amazing how much better you feel after you've phoned work?

Not that i've done much with the day, I never do and despise myself for being lazy, unimaginative and lacking motivation. Still, it's too hot to do much anyway.

Back to work tomorrow, back on the bicycle in the stifling heat and back to another day doing a job i'm not particuarly good at.

At least I found the energy to have a shower, hair wash and pube shave earlier.

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