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Thursday, November 9

A crappy few hours


The day was going fine, if unutterably slowly, up until half an hour before I was going to do the off from work.

First I get a call from a woman looking for support (D works for Victim Support now) but she's not only looking for it, she's demanding it and much more else. I'm being shouted at, dealing with a woman at the end of her wits fresh out of hospital with a broken jaw, shit scared of the offender reappearing and with no follow up contact from the Police.

I manage to calm her down, trot off to CID and get some info and contact numbers for her, but she's still near hysterical and not happy with the offer of support I can give. She wants someone to visit now, but we just don't have the resources what with our support coming from volunteers who aren't able to heed our calls at the drop of a hat. Nor am I happy with the idea of sending out a volunteer to her house when she's too scared to even be there herself. Whatever, although I sent an email to the volunteer who had picked up her referral on Tuesday outlining all the above, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm still on time to get my bus so home is calling. It's dark already, cold and no one will be home until 9pm but I just want to get home and cast off the day. There are tons of people at the bus stop so I do the usual and hang back waiting for someone else to hail the bus when it arrives as normally happens. But the bus routes have changed this week and no one hails the bus as it goes by and, with my shitty eyesight, I don't see it approach and depart before it's too late. Fucking great! Another haf hour wait for the next one. But oh no, that bus doesn't arrive for another 45 minutes. During that time my stomach is rumbling, my mood is turning shitty through harrasment and hunger so I eat half the blackened banana left over in my lunch box and smoke my last tab.

When I finally get home to a cold, empty house I can only muster the will to make cheese and beans on toast (Which is actually pretty lush). After shedding myself of my work clothes, i'm ready to take the recycling out and relax with a fag. Dusky, one of the dacs gorgeous cats, has other ideas though and decides to unleash a torrent of diorreah all over the floor. Luckily it's done on a wipeclean surface so isn't a massive hardship to clean up but just as i've finished she releases a sloppy mountain of crap all over the carpet!

What a shit few hours!

It's all cleaned up now, the house is clean, washing up done, Dusky has come and sat on my lap (Hope her arse is clean) to show me she still loves me even though I kicked her off and was horrible. She was utterly riddled with worms and skinny as hell when we got her from the RSPCA but we cured her of that....looks like we'll have to do it again.

I just want C to come home...

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