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Friday, January 19

New Mob

Both D & C have bought new mobiles, his and her versions of the Motorola L6 (Well, one of them is pink so that must be his - Boom! Boom!) on Pay-As-You-Go tariffs.

These are nifty little phones with cameras and Bluetooth, priced very nicely at less than £50 a piece from the Phones4U website.

We have a couple of problems though. Firstly, we can't change the sound for the incoming message alert for some reason and secondly, we can't transfer any pictures/videos onto the PC.

The first problem might just be because we're idiots and have missed an obvious menu, but i'm not convinced of that. A is itching to get her hands on the phones (She is jealous as they're better than hers - which was previously the best phone thedacs had) and 'help' us find out how, but we're being shitty and not letting her. She's been a naughty girl recently (Sat her first detention yesterday - for which she was punished last week) and it won't do her any harm to be temporarily shut out.

The second could be because the Bluetooth adaptor for the PC no longer works, yet the L6 was recognised by it and all set up, it just wouldn't transfer the files. We've tried a mini-USB cable but the software downloaded from the Motorola site doesn't seem to work properly. The obvious answer might be something as simple as ensuring the phone is fully charged before any connections/transfers can be made.

Any answers, please let us know.

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