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Thursday, March 2

Day off sick

D - Gladly taken a sick day off from work after waking up this morning with my intestines twisting themselves into knots. Unfortunately, after a quiet but panic-striken dash to the toilet, woke C and A up with the rapid-fire plopping of my vile, spasming guts slapping into the water.
My stomach and bowels are still twitchy but i'm sat here in my slob, pissing around on the net after having had a nice smoke....and i'm not at work. Can't complain too much.

Got a few hours to spare since C has gone out to see a friend, so need to make some sort of list of what I need to accomplish before she gets back. Having a shower and hair wash is high up the agenda but believe me, crouching down naked and cold in that bathtub trying to adjust the water temperature on the taps isn't the worlds most inticing prospect. In fact, it's so daunting that i'll probably put it off for ages. Thankfully C has said I don't need to do so until 3-ish so that she can cut my hair while it's still wet. Suits me, i'm going to spunk my early afternoon playing Civ 4...

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