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Saturday, March 4

God told me to do it

D - Revelations last night about Tony Blair using his faith in God to decide upon the Iraq War have left me feeling very uneasy. Well, quite pissed off as it happens since I supported the war on the grounds of Saddam being a threat to Britain.....hahaha more fool me.
I've grown up in a world where religion, even of the genteel CoE, has been totally absent form my life, my surroundings, my family, my friends and pretty much everything else, so it's almost impossible for me to understand this conviction and faith in an entity that as far as i'm concerned has no basis in reality.

Don't get me wrong, I have nowt against those who do have faith (of whatever persuasion) and am pretty sure that the number of British people who believe in God far outweighs the numbers who don't. Just because they don't make themselves known as such doesn't mean they don't have strong faith, and that silent majority may well turn against the secular superiority of some like Richard Dawkins and others who have such sneering contempt for religion. It's always quite interesting to note that those who squeal on about the stupidity of religion the mosthave usually been brought up in that religion. Either way, doesn't bother me if people wish to believe and have faith in God if they so choose, each to their own like..

Anyway, back to Tony Blair and the judgement of God informing his decision as Prime Minister and Commander-In-Chief of Britain to invade another nation that was no threat. Now even my scanty knowledge of Christianity leaves me feeling uneasy regarding that, although i'll let the Archbishop of Canterbury and others have the theological discussion as to whether it fits in with Jesus's teachings, but my secular side is positively screaming with warning signals.

It was only on Thursday that C and myself had a great discussion about growing Puritanism (In secular society) and how that would link into the States legislation on isssues. That led onto abortion (Inspired in some ways by new and fantastic images of foetuses at an age they had never been seen at before) and what would happen if those with a narrow or exclusive moral agenda started to gain power and authority in this country, and begin to restrict the rights we've not only grown accustomed to but for those my age, never known any different.

Now Tony Blair claims God told him to do it.

Proof positive for the world of Islam, as if some spoiling for a fight don't have enough 'evidence' already, that the medieval Crusaders are reborn in the guise of Blair and Bush. The US may have a large maority of vocal Christians who might not object to such a mission from God, but even the Christians of Britain must despair of the death, destruction and pain inflicted upon innocents in their name from a zealous leader.

I'm appalled quite honestly.

As I am with the comments of Stephen Pound MP who simply tries to cover Blair (And Labour) by praising his honesty and having a pop at the 'awful American route of guns, gods and gays'

Anyway, off for a smoke with the beautiful C

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