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Tuesday, April 4

HBS once again

D - Recieved two letters from HBS this morning.

One was a response to the letter I sent regarding the termination date of my contract. HBS fucked up and have apologised for their error. Good.

The second letter was from Sean Hanson (HBS Partnership Director....never seen by us and about the third manager in the position in 12 months) delightedly confirming a base salary rise for me and also this gem...

'May I take this opportunity to thank you personally for your contribution and commitment to the business last year. The Partnership in Milton Keynes is certainly much stronger as a result of all your effort, culminating in the Council's nomination for Partnership of the Year in the LGC Awards. I look forward to working with you next year in delivering even better services to our customers'

Hahaha fuck off Sean, your organisation doesn't know it's arse from it's elbow!

In fact, just emailed my mate B who still works there and the place is falling apart. Another staff member has gone off sick with stress (And still not been offered a decent contract either), an important front of house position that has been vacant for a month or so still hasn't even been interviewed for. The work is seriously piling up and the backlog will mean that HBS fail to meet the targets they set for themselves, and doubtless the targets set by Government too.

Like I said, don't expect your planning applications to be dealt with anytime soon in MK.

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