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Saturday, December 9

Personal debt

Time to confiscate C's credit card and the Argos Card. At least until the outstanding debt is paid off which, if we stick to the plans we discussed last night, could be in 3-4 months. Although that will leave us perilously low on cash for that time, i'm not bothered as I can cope with not spending but C might struggle. Tough, she needs to show some discipline again, especially as until the card debts are cleared she can't put aside enough into savings to pay off her loan debt early. I want her to get the money she works hard for and not have hundreds of pounds going to the banks to service debts, but before the gain it's going to take a bit of pain first. Time for me to take extreme measures to ensure no more debt is added and we clear it all away.

It's our money, we earnt it and we want to enjoy it. Not hand it over to the banks for purchases we can't even remember!

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