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Tuesday, April 25

Sack the bastard!

Not only is jug-earred Home Secretary Charles Clarke presiding over the intolerable imposition of ID cards on the British public, dismantling the civil liberties that Britain has taken centuries to aquire and firing off weak rhetorical replies to a wonderful argument against his policies....but the silly fucker (Along with previous Home Secrtary David 'Love them posh girls' Blunkett) has been responsible for the release of over 1000 criminals who should have been deported!

If that wasn't bad enough, a number of these criminals are murderers, rapists or child molesters.

When other Cabinet ministers have had to resign due to piffling matters in comparison, it's surely a no-fucking-brainer that the Minister responsible for releasing this terror back onto the streets of Britain must be sacked immediately.

And it was only last week I was roaring at this incompetent on the telly. Hah!

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